Garage Flipper: Prologue Launches

Farmind Studio and Games Incubator/PlayWay have released Garage Flipper: Prologue for Windows on Steam. This is a free sample of Garage Flipper, an upcoming game that simulates the fun an profitable field of garage renovation and flipping, because that's totally a thing. Here's a Release Trailer with a look and here's more:
In Garage Flipper: Prologue, players assume the role of an ambitious contractor with a deep passion for repairing garages. The objective is clear – complete jobs, rebuild garages, and turn them to their former glory. Armed with a trusty hammer and mortar, players embark on a journey to prove their skills in demolition, restoration, and design.

Garage Flipper: Prologue is now available for free on the Steam platform. Players just need to visit the Steam store, download the game, and start their journey as a garage renovation expert. It's a challenging yet rewarding journey where players can showcase their construction prowess and creativity.