Nexon announces the launch of THE FINALS, saying this free-to-play first-person shooter is now available for Windows on Steam and for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. A post on Steam welcomes players to Season 1 and outlines all the changes in the release version for those who participated in alpha or beta testing. There's also a post from NVIDIA discussing running the game on its hardware. Like a version of The Running Man with less running and more shooting, this is set in a dystopian future reality TV show where you really don't want to get cancelled. Here's the Season 1 Trailer (audio assault warning) and here's word:
Viewers at home, here's the news you've been waiting to hear: THE FINALS is accepting new contestants, and that means YOU! That's right, soon the world could be watching YOU tear apart our newest dynamic arenas and seize everlasting fame!

As you know, THE FINALS is the world's greatest free-to-play combat game show! Our contestants plug in to our virtual world and join teams in escalating tournaments. They fight it out in our beautifully-rendered arenas based on real-world locations that they can alter, exploit, and even destroy.

Sure, you can aim and shoot, but contestants that add our carefully curated virtual environments to their arsenal are more likely to advance, so do anything you can imagine in the name of victory! Burn arenas to the ground! Send wrecking balls crashing into your opponents! Don't just pull triggers - pull down buildings!