Against the Storm Released

Against the Storm has left the maelstrom of Early Access behind, and version 1.0 of this chance to rebuild society in the aftermath of an apocalypse is now available for Windows on Steam. This post celebrates the news with a Launch Trailer and details on what to expect from the official launch:
Against the Storm is a roguelite city builder where every run is a bite-sized city-building experience with a distinct variety of problems to solve. As the Scorched Queen’s Viceroy, you’re in charge of Humans, Beavers, Lizards, Harpies, and Foxes who stand united against hidden dangers and never-ending rains.

With six mechanically distinct biomes, dozens of gameplay modifiers, and hundreds of perks, each new settlement feels as novel as the first and poses a different set of challenges to deal with. And that’s what you’re here for, Viceroy!

Queen’s Hand Trials
The 1.0 Update features the Queen’s Hand Trials – an ironman mode in which you start from scratch and have one Cycle to reforge the Adamantine Seal – the game's most challenging endeavor. Those who emerge victorious will be awarded the title of Queen's Hand and will be granted a rare audience with the Scorched Queen herself.