Disney Dreamlight Valley Expands Out of Early Access

Disney announces the release of A Rift in Time, a new expansion for Disney Dreamlight Valley that officially marks the game's launch out of Early Access. There is also a free content update for the base game called the Pumpkin King Returns and this post has the patch notes. Here's the previously released A Rift in Time Expansion Pass Announcement Trailer. Here's word:
For base game players, the full launch brings with it a fresh new update where players can look forward to meeting Jack Skellington from Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This update also includes the highly anticipated multiplayer feature*** which allows 2 to 4 players – including yourself – to visit a friend’s Valley and explore , find and trade crafting items, and even buy items at Scrooge McDuck’s Store. Finally, a new Royal Winter Star Path featuring seasonal cosmetic items will run through January 24th, 2024.

For base game players, today’s launch of the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time paid expansion pass will take players on a journey to Eternity Isle, in an all-new storyline. In the first of three acts, players will be introduced to new Villagers: EVE from Disney and Pixar’s WALL•E, Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. Those playing the expansion pass within the first week of the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, Disney Dreamlight Valley: Gold Edition, or Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition will earn bonuses including the Jester Monkey companion and Gilded Royalty Outfit.