The Great Below Released

Developer Dobra Studios and publisher ByteSize have released The Great Below, and this Windows horror game is now available for Windows on Steam with a 10% launch discount. If you are seeking the great outdoors, look elsewhere, as the three-person studio promises a claustrophobic underground experience. This is described as "perverse and unique," which you can see in the Steam Launch Trailer and check out firsthand in the playable demo. Here's word:
Step into a realm of enigmatic intrigue and existential tension in The Great Below, an avant-garde environmental experience that defies the boundaries of conventional horror. Embark on a mind-bending journey as you attempt to escape the haunting loop of a mansion steeped in mystery and malevolence. Will you find your path to salvation, or become ensnared within the labyrinth of your own mind?

Embark on an expedition unlike any other, driven by the clandestine motives of a secret society in pursuit of forbidden knowledge. You are the protagonist, a seeker of The Object - a sacred artifact whispered to bestow unparalleled enlightenment upon its possessor. Lost within the foreboding walls of an uncanny mansion, you must unravel its cryptic enigmas and transcend the boundaries of reason before your consciousness succumbs to the abyss.