Once Human Beta Tomorrow

NetEase Games announces beta testing of Once Human gets underway tomorrow, one day earlier than previously planned. There's still time to register on the Once Human Website and a new Closed Beta Gameplay Trailer is here to tempt you into giving this free-to-play multiplayer survival shooter a try. The clip uses the luxury of time to take us through around nine minutes of exploration, combat, chilling with your homies, and a look at the game's supernatural underpinnings. Here's more on the clip and the test:
Additionally, to celebrate the launch of the Beta Test, Starry Studio has released a 9-minute trailer showing the game’s unique world and enemies. The trailer shows players tracking down anomalies to capture and secure them to gain powerful rewards and special abilities. Along the way players will fight Aberrants and others in PvP using a wide array of weapons and gear.

Once Human is a free to play multiplayer supernatural survival game developed by Starry Studio for PC. In Once Human, an extra-terrestrial substance known as Stardust has altered the planet, transforming living creatures into Aberrants, terrifying monsters with supernatural abilities. Players take on the role of Metas – soldiers who protect the last surviving pockets of humanity from the growing threat posed by Aberrants while uncovering the secrets of Stardust pollution so that it may be stopped once and for all.

To help them weather the dangers of Once Human, players can gather resources, hunt, fish and build outposts. They won’t be limited to battling in the same streets over and over however, as they can use an RV to explore the eerie open world. The RV can be outfitted with upgrades, turning it into a moving base that merges combat and survival as players can use it to move in and out of danger granting them some well-deserved rest.