Stellaris Nexus Early Access Delayed; Open Beta Tomorrow

A post on Steam has the good news and the bad news for everyone eagerly waiting for Stellaris Nexus. The bad news is the Early Access release of the multiplayer 4X Stellaris game is delayed until December 12th. The good news is that instead of launching the game tomorrow, Whatboy Games and Paradox Arc will offer an open beta with everything planned for the Early Access release plus an additional bug or two. The reason is admittedly to avoid getting run over by the hype of the Grand Theft Auto VI announcement. Here's word:
Look, the fact is, this is huge news and we are not about to step into the ring to compete for coverage from content creators or gaming media or your attention. Everyone’s eyes will be fixed firmly on all the announcements (not only GTA!); speaking honestly, so will ours… video games are cool, and we’re excited for what’s to come just as everyone else is. From the perspective of giving our own beloved game the best possible chance at success, though, we have to be smart about it!

So, that’s the big change. If you’ve been waiting to play Stellaris Nexus for a while, hopefully, this won’t make a huge impact on your enjoyment! It’s also a perfect opportunity to get some friends to try it as it will be available in Open Beta with zero commitment. This game definitely shines with a group of friends, creating endless amounts of banter.