Out of the Blue

I was minding my own business looking at something on Amazon when I came across the Vari Active Seat, which almost knocked me off my own seat. Why? Because it's a standing desk chair. Turns out this is just my ignorance showing again, because looking further, I can see these are a whole segment at this point. The one I stumbled across and most of the others I see all advertise wobbliness as a feature. I've never tried a standing desk, much less a wobbly chair, and they may be an awesome combo, but the very existence of standing desk chairs does seem to be an indictment of the whole concept. It reminds me of a gag in the criminally underappreciated sitcom Episodes, where there was an agent you would always see on a treadmill desk. Then there was a scene with her sitting at a desk normally, wearing some bandages, while you saw workers moving the treadmill desk out of her office. It all goes unmentioned, which, while not actually subtle, was a fun understated execution of the joke. Anyway, if you like a standing desk, you do you. The real takeaway here is that you should watch Episodes.

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