Pacific Drive in February

Ironwood Studios and Kepler Interactive announce a release date for Pacific Drive, saying players will be able to start up their pacific cars on PC and PlayStation 5 on February 22, 2024. But dismiss any thoughts of a pleasant drive up the PCH with the top down. This is set in the Olympic Exclusion Zone, suggesting this could have been titled D.R.I.V.E.R.: Shadow of Tacoma. The Release Date Trailer offers one of those dystopian PSAs that will seem so ironic in the future along with a few nods to other games crowbarred in along the way. Here's word:
Take a brief glance behind the curtain of the Olympic Exclusion Zone's past, the engrossing expanse at the heart of Pacific Drive. Once a shining jewel in the Pacific Northwest, it now sits behind a 300-meter wall, closed to the outside world and left to mysterious phenomena and the forces of nature. Explore distinctly fascinating new biomes as you drive deeper into the unknown; chart the Zone, uncover its hidden history and try to outrun the deadly anomalies of this surreal place.

Get behind the wheel of a uniquely capable station wagon, maintaining and upgrading your ride with life-saving tools while navigating treacherous terrain, gathering supplies and surviving tense encounters with the land’s dangerous hazards. Mysterious voices reach your car’s radio the further you drive, offering questions and dire warnings - leaving you to wonder who or what remains in this desolate place. Will you survive or become another relic in the Zone’s haunting landscape?