Tchia Coming to Steam in March

Tchia will come to Steam in March, as developer Awaceb and publisher Kepler Interactive prepare to bring their open-world adventure to even more gamers. This comes a year after its launch on the Epic Games Store, where it quickly sold over a million copies. It will receive some brand new features on all platforms at that time, and a new trailer takes a look at what to expect. Here's more:
New for the Steam release in March 2024, and available at the same time via a free in-game update for players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store, players will be able to enjoy a variety of exciting, new features to enhance their journey through the beautiful archipelago, including:

  • Outfits Perks System – Each piece of equipment Tchia finds in the world now provides various boosts and benefits, such as extra environmental resistances or stamina boosts. Explore the world and discover new items to suit your playstyle – looking stylish (or sometimes goofy) to boot.
  • New Cosmetic Items – Search for brand-new costumes and accessories hidden within the island locales to stand out from the crowd and show your personality, such as a classy top hat, or a hilarious clown costume.
  • New Soul-Melodies – Play your ukulele and unlock new abilities to help explore the world around you in whole new ways, like a blast of powerful energy to knock fruit out of trees or leaping to new heights and performing tricks in the sky.