War of the Worlds Gameplay Footage

A Steam Listing is online for a War of the Worlds game that's so far gone unmentioned here (thanks RedEye9). This is an open-world survival game based on The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells' sci-fi novel about an invasion from Mars. This will debut in Early Access, but does not yet have a release window. But there is a recent Survival & Exterminator Gameplay Trailer showing off almost 30 minutes of "pre-alpha" footage. This post has timestamps and notes that closed testing is available for through Patreon. Here's a description of the game:
War of The Worlds is a hardcore horror survival game that throws you into the extermination of man kind. Survive a week in an open world while avoiding giant alien machines that will exterminate you on sight. Avoid demise from dehydration or starving by scavenging and looting for food, resources and other tools to aid your survival in an alien invasion apocalypse. Watch the military's measly attempts to fights back. Commandeer military vehicles to fight back. The extraterrestrials are not the only threat. Other humans may try to rob you from your resources, vehicle or your life. Multiplayer delivers a unique experience allowing you to pick a side, humans or aliens. As the aliens, your goal is to exterminate all humans, harvest their blood, and fertilize the earth with it. As team humans, your goal is to be the last man or group standing and out live the aliens long enough to fight back and find a way to bring them down. Will you survive the war?