Time Walker: Dark World Released

Time Walker: Dark World is now officially available for Windows on Steam, offering a free-to-play roguelike auto-battler from indie developer Heartfun and Chinese publisher 2P Games. The Official Launch Trailer takes a look at the game's throwback art and the current state of gameplay following 14 months of Early Access. Here's more:
Time Walker: Dark Lord is a pixel art based roguelike auto-battler where you get to pick four heroes that you take into battle against the Dark Lord and his army of subordinates and minions. Featuring a wide variety of skills which are not class-bound, the game allows you maximum customization in terms of playing the game how you want and building your skill set and weaponry to your preferences as you battle your way through the hordes of enemies. Want to play as a magic-wielding boxer? No problem. A barbarian archer? We can do that too. The possibilities are endless.

After each battle you get to loot, spending your earned combat experience to upgrade your talents and becoming even stronger to take on more formidable foes as the game goes on. Strategise and use all your buffs, potions and resources effectively to maximize your gains. With an elective difficulty system which allows you to choose which difficulty you want to play at, Time Walker allows you to choose your gaming experience.