Dracula's Castle Playtesting

Astirian-Rae Games, Gameparic, and Games Incubator now offer signups on Steam to playtest Dracula's Castle. This upcoming tactical/RPG allows players to play as the vampire lord, terrorizing the countryside while also experiencing some of the bureaucratic side of the job. There's a request access button, but word is that all requests will be granted, and applicants will soon receive notification of when testing begins. The most recent trailer is from last year, but these details are fresh out of the oven:
In Dracula's Castle, players assume the role of Count Dracula, the enigmatic ruler of Wallachia, as they embark on a journey to manage the Transylvanian noble's dark domain. The game offers a unique blend of strategy and dark fantasy. Playtest are now open for registration and everyone can sign up now on Steam.

Dracula's Castle invites you to play as the infamous ruler of Wallachia, the Vampire King, Count Dracula! Manage the Transylvanian noble's dark domain by recruiting minions and expanding the castle.