Sons of the Forest Leaves Early Access in February

Endnight Games announces release plans for Sons of the Forest, saying the open-world survival/horror game officially launches on February 22, 2024, almost a year to the day since it entered Early Access. The announcement includes word on an update tomorrow and more of what will happen between now and version 1.0:
Today we are announcing that Sons Of The Forest v1.0 will release February 22, 2024 after 1 year in Early Access.

We are also excited to announce Shawn Ashmore has joined the cast and will be voicing Timmy as we expand his role in the game and story. In addition to story updates, new features and polish, v1.0 will also include the final ??? piece.

After tomorrows patch, we will continue to release hotfixes as needed, but the team will be focused on the bigger content release for v1.0.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far in this Early Access journey, we are really excited for what we have in store for the v1.0 release and beyond.