Steam Dropping 32-Bit macOS Support

Valve announces that as of February 15, 2024, Steam will end support for macOS 10.13 and 10.14. After that, Steam will no longer receive updates or support for those operating systems, and Valve cannot guarantee things will continue to function on them after that. There's more Steam news for macOS, as support is ending for 32-bit macOS games, and there is a strong recommendation that affected users upgrade to a more recent version of macOS to continue to receive proper support. Here's a bit:
Unfortunately, macOS 10.14 was the last version to support running 32-bit games on macOS. Since Apple chose to drop support for 32-bit games and applications in macOS 10.15 (released 2019), and since many developers have not updated their games to support 64-bit executables, some games will effectively stop functioning on macOS. The Steam store will stop considering games that offer only 32-bit macOS binaries to be Mac compatible before the end of 2023. For the 98%+ of macOS users already running macOS 10.15 or newer, 32-bit only games and applications have already stopped running.

In order to ensure continued operation of Steam and any 64-bit supporting games or other products purchased through Steam, users on these older versions should update to a more recent version of macOS. We expect the Steam client and games on these older operating systems to continue running for some time without updates after February 15th, 2024, but we are unable to guarantee continued functionality after that date.