Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary Edition Going Free-to-Play

A post from last week from Iron Galaxy has more on the previously revealed Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary Edition, announcing that the base version of the fighting game is going free-to-play (thanks VG247). All owners are getting an update to the new version, and while a la carte purchases of individual fighters are being retired, previous purchases will remain in your library. Here's the plan:
First, if you already own Premium Content (Fighters, skins, accessories, etc.) in Killer Instinct for Xbox/PC or Steam, you will still have that content unlocked in Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. More information on this below under version upgrades.

Upon the release of our 10th Anniversary Update, there will be two versions of KI:

  • The Killer Instinct Base Game will be FREE TO PLAY on all platforms: Xbox consoles (One, Series X|S), Windows PC, and Steam.
    • The free KI base game will feature one free weekly rotating Fighter and Single-Player, Local, and Ranked modes.
  • The Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition ($29.99 USD) will include all 29 Fighters, and all Premium Content ever released: the VIP Double XP Booster, holiday accessories, and more.