TRIBES 3 Rivals Playtest Signups

TRIBES 3 Rivals is the working title for the new Starsiege Tribes game mentioned last week. The title and gameplay are on display in a new introductory video called what is tribes. CTF playtesting is still planned for this week, and Prophecy Games plans to send out 2000 keys on Wednesday. The game's Steam page is still waiting on approval, but you can register for the test on this Google Doc. It's not clear if signing up on Steam will be required if it goes live on Steam in time, but registering there would cover all your bases (even if you play offense). Word is:
As we await approval for our Steam submissions, please sign up below for this week's playtest. We're distributing a limited number of 2,000 keys for this test, which will be sent out on Wednesday, November 29th, 2023. Be sure to check your email for a key.