Steam Autumn Sale & Awards Nominations

As promised, the Autumn Sale is now underway on Steam, kicking off a week of discounts on a wide variety of games. This also opens the Steam Awards season, and you can go to this page to nominate games for various honors across 11 categories. This nomination window and the sale both run until November 28th, and the winners of these Steam Awards will be announced on January 2nd. This post has the announcement, including the Official Trailer. The sale part is self-explanatory, so here's more on the surrounding activities:
Nominate a game in each category by visiting the Steam Awards Nomination page (via the Steam homepage) once the sale starts or via the event post from developers of the titles you like. Participating events can be found on the library details page for a specific game.

You can even earn a badge for participating in the Steam Awards: nominate at least one game, nominate a game in each category, play a game you've nominated, and/or review (or update a review for) a game you've nominated. Complete all tasks to earn 100 profile XP.