Cities Skylines II Delays DLC for Fixes

A post to the Paradox Interactive Forums has an update on Cities Skylines II, and the criticism of the state of the city-builder sequel upon its launch last month. Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen explains that plans for post-launch DLC are now on hold as the team focuses on addressing complaints from uses about performance issues and all those bugs. The post outlines current priorities as performance improvements, bug fixed and editor/mod support. This forum post has an updated roadmap for the expansion pass content, saying the Beach Properties Asset Pack and Deluxe Relax Radio Station are planned for Q1 2024 and Modern Architecture & Urban Promenades Content Creator Packs are coming in Q2 of 2024 along with more radio stations. As for the patch, word is its launch is up in the air: "The next patch is not yet scheduled as it has performance improvements pending that we absolutely want to include in it." Here's the plan:
Once the PC version is where we want it to be, we will be focusing on the console release and DLC content. We are committed to bringing the marketed DLC content to you, but it will not be landing in the originally promoted schedule. The first Asset Pack, Beach Properties, has been worked on by our artists’ and our outsourcing partner, but we’ll only implement them after the asset fix and performance work are completed to our satisfaction. I apologize for the delay, but we must not rush new content out before the base is ready for it. This also stands for the Content Creator Packs and Radio stations. Stay tuned for more information on these later!