Ghostrunner 2 Released

Following a couple of days of Early Access for preorder customers, Ghostrunner 2 is now officially available for all on PC and consoles, offering the chance to once again jack in as Jack, a stealthy cyber-ninja fighting his way through a neon-lit sci-fi world. This cyberpunk environment and a slice of gameplay are on display in the edgy Launch Trailer. The Windows edition is on the Epic Games Store,,* and Steam and each store hosts the playable demo. Here's word:
Set one year after the events of the original Ghostrunner, the high-octane sequel follows cyber ninja Jack as he fights a violent AI cult. Wield a razor-sharp katana once more, and slice through the relentless onslaught of frenzied cultists, cybernetic warlords, and terrifying AI entities both in and, for the first time, outside of Dharma Tower.

Engage in vehicular combat, weaving through obstacles and knocking down enemies on a high-speed motorcycle. On foot, Jack embraces his iconic parkour and Gap Jammer move set from the original game, improved and expanded upon for quick traversal across varying surfaces in both neon-lit urban environments and a sand-blasted wasteland. Stylishly slide, dash, and evade deadly attacks from a range of new adversaries.

Ghostrunner 2 ups the ante with new abilities and a revamped progression system. Explore new combat options and find the right approach to dodge, parry, and destroy foes capable of killing Jack with one strike. Defeat bosses with increased freedom, learning how to overcome with their devious new tricks.
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