Cities: Skylines II Released

Cities: Skylines II is now available for Windows, debuting a new installment what is now an urban planning series from Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order. This once again allows you to design the city of your dreams, promising more detail, deeper systems, and a grander scale than the first game. Demonstrating the fast pace of today's world, the Official "Out Now" Release Trailer arrived last week, while today's launch comes with an Official Accolades Trailer. Here's more on the game:
Cities: Skylines II grants players the ability to create bigger and more complex cities than ever before, boasting a map five times larger than the original game. Players have full control over their cities, allowing them to map out paths with flexible road tools, diversify city districts with zoning, expand their public transportation and infrastructure for citizens, and grow their cities’ economies through production and trade.

Players' choices may have economic and environmental consequences, but Cities: Skylines II offers a wide variety of tools to solve urban challenges and improve the lives of citizens. Each citizen now has a unique life, with jobs, homes, families, and more. Citizens aren’t the only part of a developing metropolis that makes it feel alive; the implementation of more intelligent traffic AI and changing weather patterns based on climate also come together to make cities real.