El Paso, Elsewhere is Here

Defying its title, El Paso, Elsewhere is here, as this neo-noir third-person shooter is now available for Windows on Steam and for Xbox Series X|S. This is a throwback title, and the announcement comes with a new gameplay reveal trailer showing minimally textured environments, and a trench-coated, akimbo-armed, bullet-time protagonist who seems Paynefully familiar. Here's more:
Taking notes from one of the most iconic third-person shooters in gaming, Max Payne, El Paso Elsewhere applies modern technology and gameplay sensibilities to a stylized retro foundation. The game features a complex narrative exploring loss, grief, relationship abuse, and addiction. Woven into the game’s dark aesthetics is a completely original hip-hop horror soundtrack featuring vocals from Xalavier Nelson Jr. himself. Pop pills to keep the pain away, dodge through the hordes while unloading your weapons with bullet-time mechanics and don’t stop running. Your life depends on it.

Hunt the monsters protecting your ex, Draculae, the lord of the vampires, who now seeks to perform a ritual that will end the world as we know it and place it under her reign. Armed with shotguns, pistols, uzis, stakes and more, the only choice players have is to keep moving forward, one slow-motion dive after another, to preserve reality itself.