Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity Released

Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity is now available for Windows on Steam. This strategic party game from Fifth Harbour Studios carries a 20% launch discount for the next week. This features a new take on asymmetrical gameplay. A group of five players teams up to represent humanity in opposition to the single player playing as the planet Earth. And yes, the goal of Earth is to destroy humanity in order to maintain its own survival. If you find the prospect appealing, there's a playable demo to sample. Check out the Release Trailer and read on for more:
Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity is the debut game from Dutch developer, Fifth Harbour Studios, born from the challenges of a pandemic-stricken world. The game draws inspiration from real-world scenarios but gives players a chance to shape the outcome.

Will you wield the power of Earth to reduce humanity to zero, using a virus, asteroid impact, or other means of devastation? Or will you rally with up to five friends, assuming the roles of World Leaders, Industry, Media, Scientists, and Public, in a bid for survival? The choice is yours.