These Doomed Isles Early Access

Early Access to These Doomed Isles is now underway on Steam, providing a first chance to play this card-based strategy game that's expected to make its official launch next year. As seen in the Early Access Launch Trailer, the game features throwback pixel art and roguelike city-builder gameplay. Here's more:
Forge new lands, build settlements, and lead your civilization to victory in strategic run-based gameplay. Craft your deck of cards to discover powerful synergies capable of bringing your followers bountiful harvests or raining devastation down upon your enemies.

Play as 3 powerful gods, each with their own playstyle, cards, abilities, aesthetics and enemies to beat, including Cernunnos, the Celtic god of nature; Plutus, the Greek god of wealth; and Acan, the Mayan god of wine. Additional playable gods are planned to be introduced throughout Early Access, ahead of the game’s 1.0 launch in 2024.