LunarLux Released

LunarLux is now available for Windows on Steam, offering an anime-inspired action/RPG from CosmicNobab and Freedom Games. This is set on the moon in the far-future, but do not expect a lot of hard science here. Word is: "Join Bella in a story of science, truth, justice, and trust, as she travels the silver globe to find a way to save humanity from Comet Coda! It's time to unleash your Lux!" Here's a Launch Trailer with a musical look at some retro action, and there's also a playable demo to sample. Here's more:
LunarLux is an anime-inspired action-adventure RPG that takes place on the Moon! A thousand years ago, humanity lived on the now volcanic and lifeless earth-like planet known as Terra. Due to the planetary catastrophe, ASTRA, humans were forced to find a new home. Unfortunately, no habitable planet existed within a reasonable distance, so the remaining survivors made their way to Luna, the moon that orbits Terra.