Depthris Released

Depthris is now available for Windows on Steam. This offers a first-person take on the classic game of Tetris (thanks Mod DB via Ant). We've seen First-Person Tetris before, but this takes this to a whole new dimension, as seen in this trailer. Here's word:
Depthris is a 3D puzzle game inspired by the classic BlockOut game for DOS. Move and rotate the pieces along the 3 axes (except backwards) and aim for the highest score.

4 game modes:

  • Classic: Play the game with the classic puzzle pieces of the 2D puzzle game Tetris.
  • Relaxing: Same as Classic mode but you will not level up, the fall speed will not change.
  • Challenging: Classic with some new pieces that can trick your brain.
  • Insane: Challenging mode plus new pieces that increase the difficulty to a new level.