Out of the Blue

Intermittent bugs can be so difficult. My buddy RedAnt calls them Gremlins, after the term coined by World War II airmen. They don't reproduce on demand, so it can be difficult to know if things are fixed as you troubleshoot and test solutions. That said, I'm entirely convinced the crashing issue I was encountering was solved, simply by swapping my two RAM sticks as I described. My rig passed an extended memory benchmark and I've had a few lengthy sessions in Diablo IV and it seems obvious that this issue is behind me. The only problem I was having other than crashes were these occasional odd USB resets. I suspect those are cleared up as well, but they were even more intermittent, so I won't have the same level of confidence I'm past them for a while longer. Thanks to those who offered tips along the way, and hats off to those who called this as a RAM issue from the start.

Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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