PHANTOM GALAXIES Early Access in November

Blowfish Studios announces PHANTOM GALAXIES will launch into Early Access on November 2nd, promising a free-to-play AAA online RPG featuring mecha combat. This will come to the Epic Games Store and Steam. Take a look at this space opera in the cinematic Early Access Trailer and read on for more:
PHANTOM GALAXIES™ is an expansive online multiplayer sci-fi action RPG set in a vast and immersive universe, featuring fast-paced mecha combat, high-octane action, and a captivating story and characters.

After an interstellar war, the Commonwealth and the Union have united to form the Ranger Squadron — a unit of elite mecha pilots devoted to protecting human colonies on the frontiers of known space. Players will take on the role of an ensign in the Ranger Squadron, piloting a transforming mechanized Starfighter to defend against the incursions of ruthless pirate factions and treacherous alien foes, from the scavenging Junkers and paramilitary Brooksea to the reviled Xanorra and vicious Sha’har zealots.