Jagged Alliance 3 Roadmap

This post on Steam lays out a roadmap for Jagged Alliance 3, revealing plans for the next four patches for the turn-based combat game. This shows improvements and changes planned for the coming months, culminating with the addition of quest and map modding tools. Here's word:
Jagged Alliance 3 dropped on PC like a bomb two months back, and is hitting consoles on November 16th, 2023. The battlefield's been packed with players, and developer Haemimont Games has been soaking the feedback like sponges.

Now, they're lockin' and loading with a truckload of fresh updates, including quality-of-life features for the combats. Also on the agenda is to introduce a fan-favorite from the old games: "Bobby Ray's Guns and Things" online store will offer its services in Grand Chien, soon. New options for modding and some new challenges await, we are sure these updates will make Jagged Alliance 3 shine brighter than a diamond from one of Grand Chien's mines.