Out of the Blue

We put new tires on MrsBlue's car last week. They had a lot of years and miles, and when one of them developed a slow leak occasionally triggering a tire pressure warning, we knew it was time. A local place took care of this quickly, and we were happy to think it was done. But yesterday when running errands, the pressure warning light came on again! This had me wondering if the leak had been due to a rim, rather than the tire. But when I checked, I was surprised to see that it was probably just negligence. The tires are supposed to be 32 psi, but I measured them at 37, 35, 31, and 27. It was the 27 psi tire that triggered the warning, and disturbingly, that was the same tire that was leaking in the past. But the random pressures of all four tires suggests this was all a mistake. This is disturbing too, but at least it is fixed now if that was the case. We'll just have keep tabs to make sure. No pressure.

Pressurized Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.



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