Jagged Alliance 3 Released

Jagged Alliance 3 is now available on GOG.com* and Steam, finally offering a new mainline installment in the tactical combat series. This is for Windows and word is it "runs perfectly well and smoothly" on Steam Deck. Plans for a third Jagged Alliance game seemed cursed for a while, as JA3 was announced and cancelled more than once. In the interim, a the brand was diluted by a bunch of spinoff titles such as Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, Jagged Alliance Online, Jagged Alliance: Flashback, and Jagged Alliance: Rage! Things stabilized in 2021 when the IP ended up with THQ Nordic, which led to this release. This post on Steam offers the wacky Release Trailer (Rated "H" for employing the Honest Trailers guy) with a look at gameplay. Here's an outline of your mission:
Seize control of the liberation campaign, meticulously craft your strategic approach, recruit your beloved mercenaries, and guide them through thrilling tactical turn-based clashes. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a captivating 90s action movie, complete with memorable one-liners, nefarious adversaries, and a symphony of bullets filling the air.

Jagged Alliance 3 marks a monumental milestone as Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic proudly present the long-awaited successor to the legendary strategy franchise.
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