Steam Next Fest June 2023 Demos, Part VII

They're shipping them out a whole new door:

  • Folk Hero (Windows, macOS). "Folk Hero is an action-slasher with rogue-lite elements set in the world of Slavic fantasy. Explore the ever-changing island, find treasures, combine weapons and artifacts to defeat mythical enemies. Challenge your skills! One life, one try."
  • Luna Abyss (Windows). "Luna Abyss is a single player story driven action-adventure with fluid platforming and bullet hell combat. Follow the journey of Fawkes, a prisoner of Luna caught between a cryptic prophecy and their prison sentence."
  • Route 66 Simulator: The Free Ride (Windows). "ROUTE 66 SIMULATOR is a car building, fixing, and driving survival adventure. Earn money for food, gas, car parts, motels, and everything that will allow you to survive in the long journey."
  • Starsiege: Deadzone (Windows). "Starsiege: Deadzone is a corridor extraction shooter set in the far reaches of space. Delve into derelict space stations overrun by hostile Cybrids in search of valuable resources. Group up with 2 squadmates, fight against other Raiders, and escape alive."
  • SlavicPunk: Oldtimer (Windows). "The game is an isometric shooter. The story revolves around Yanus- a private investigator with a troubled past trying to solve the case of stolen data while fighting his inner demons, urban gangs and an omnipotent corporation responsible for the decay of the city he once used to call his own."
  • Sprout Valley (Windows). "Sprout Valley is an upcoming farming simulator game where you can step back from the busy life and grow the garden of your dreams. Captivating story, hand-crafted experience, cute graphics and many more!"
  • Thronefall (Windows). "With Thronefall we tried to strip a classic strategy game from all unnecessary complexity, combining it with some healthy hack and slay. Build up your base during the day, defend it til your last breath at night."