Stellaris Nexus Announced

Paradox Interactive announces Stellaris Nexus, a sci-fi 4X strategy game using the Stellaris setting. Calling this a social strategy game, Paradox says the design will allow games to wrap up in under an hour when it launches this (northern) fall. Here's the Announcement Trailer, the Steam Listing, and a synopsis:
In the aftermath of the fall of the ruling Tzynn Empire, the seat of all galactic power known as NEXUS is left empty. Each turn, players influence the galaxy through Edicts with the goal of having their empire’s ruler ascend the throne. Players can take control of planets using military might or peaceful diplomatic annexation, constructing buildings to provide resources for their continued expansion.

Stellaris Nexus is packed with the strategic decision-making and grand space battles iconic to the franchise. Exploration, construction, diplomacy, espionage, trade, research and cultural influence are all at players’ fingertips as they compete with their friends for galactic domination. Players can group up with up to five of their friends or use skill-based matchmaking online to form alliances, wage wars, double cross, and compete for the galactic throne.