Nocturnal Released

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Sunnyside Games announce a Nocturnal emission, as Nocturnal is now available for Windows and console. The PC edition of this action/platformer is on Steam. The announcement says the PC edition should be on the Epic Games Store and the Windows Store too, but that is not the case at this time. For an idea of what to expect, check out the Launch Trailer and these details:
Nocturnal is an action exploration odyssey that will task players with repelling a nefarious mist as it enshrouds an ancient isle. Use your fire to uncover what secrets lay hidden beneath the fog!

After a difficult journey across a troubled sea, Ardeshir, a soldier of the Enduring Flame, returns to his home island of Nahran. Engulfed in a shadowy mist, Ardeshir must rely on fire to extinguish the sinister forces that have overtaken his native land. Flame has many uses here. It can ward off the Mist, ignite the scenery, turn on machinery, and be used to burn beings of dark magic impervious to conventional weaponry. But be forewarned: one cannot breathe in the Mist, so you’ll have to use your wits as you intuit new ways to keep it at bay.