Ships at Sea Announced

Norwegian developer Misc Games announces Ships at Sea, a shipping simulation coming to Early Access on PC next year. Here's the Steam Listing for this sequel to Fishing: Barents Sea and Fishing: North Atlantic. Both previous games are also set at sea, so the significance of the new title is unclear. The Announcement Trailer has a cinematic look, and here are some details to help decide if this is trolling:
Set in the Norwegian archipelago and ocean, Ships At Sea introduces various new and highly detailed service and cargo ships and new fishing methods such as jigging. The game offers stunning graphics and a new economic system allowing players to manage their careers as they engage in fishing, service, and cargo businesses.

With the introduction of multiplayer mode, players can embark on a voyage through the world of ships with up to 4 friends. They can share resources and items, maintain and repair their boats, purchase tools or equipment in the store, upgrade ships, refuel ships at one of the fuel stations, and stock up on essential supplies for themselves and their crew.

Through a series of skill levels, players can build and improve their abilities. Skippers on cargo ships can use their skills to deliver goods and materials. For those who want to enhance their engineering skills, a career on service ships provides the ideal opportunity to gain experience in performing repairs and mechanical work.

Integrating the new water shader "WaveWorks", in cooperation with NVIDIA, provides a breathtaking sea simulation that immerses players in an impressive water world. The game now features a dynamic weather system that enhances the overall immersion by simulating weather conditions such as rain, fog, lightning, and storms.