Jumanji: Wild Adventures Announced

Outright Games and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announce Jumanji: Wild Adventures, a new game based on the Jumanji film franchise. It arrives on November 3rd for Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It will feature multiplayer play, allowing players to relive the movies by playing as the musclebound guy, the short guy, the fat guy, or the hottie. Here's the Announce Trailer, showing off a lot more punching and kicking than you'll see in the movies. Read on for more on the game and its RPG elements:
Choose your avatar from heroes Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Mouse Finbar, and Shelly Oberon, and explore uncharted territories home to fierce predators, warring factions and devious traps that can sweep you off your feet. Survive the jungle to reach new zones including forgotten villages, icy mountains, dark caves, and fetid swamps. And always be ready for new threats, because the Jumanji drums could strike at any moment!

As you level up your heroes through experience and purchase upgrades with your hard-earned loot, you’ll gain the strength to take on bosses like the cunning Smuggler and vicious Siberian Tiger. You may even discover some of Jumanji’s most secret rooms and lost treasures.