Blackout Protocol Demo

The June 2023 Steam Next Fest gets underway next week on June 19th. It will offer the expected flood of sales, presentations, and time-limited demos. However, Ocean Drive Studio is part of a mini-trend of developers releasing demos outside that window to increase the chances of discovery (the anarchy!). The Steam Listing for Blackout Protocol now offers a playable Windows demo for this top-down, co-op shooter. This post has more details on the news:
Today, we’re here to open up a public demo for Blackout Protocol. The demo features limited content from the earliest parts of the game, in order to showcase what Blackout Protocol is about, as well as to identify and address any bugs or issues for a better gameplay experience during Early Access and beyond.

Below is what you can expect from the demo:

  • 4 playable Agents
  • 13 weapons (unlockable via blueprints) and 5 tactical equipment items
  • All weapons we currently have planned are available in this demo, but only their first few levels
  • The earliest 2 stages of the game (out of a total 6 planned for Early Access)
  • Alternate variants of those first 2 stages, which you'll encounter over multiple playthroughs
  • The first 3 tiers of unlockable Agent Upgrades (out of a total 7 tiers planned for Early Access)