Microsoft/Activision UK Block Could Spark Brexit?

Bloomberg reports Microsoft president Brad Smith is set to meet with UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt next week to discuss the block on the Microsoft/Activision merger placed by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority. Word is there will also be discussions with the legal team over how to overcome this regulatory hurdle. There's also unconfirmed speculation that one approach could be the nuclear option of leaving the region entirely:
One extreme option could be to bypass the UK order and press ahead with the deal, or withdraw Activision from the UK market, one of the people said, confirming earlier reports by regulatory news outfit Mlex.

The company is also likely to draw on the EU’s findings in its legal arguments against the CMA, after EU merger officials conditionally approved the record-breaking gaming merger last month.

The Chancellor’s office declined to comment. Activision didn’t respond to a request for comment. The confidential discussions will take place as Smith takes part in London Tech Week, an event aimed at boosting the UK’s technology industry.