Alaskan Truck Simulator Becomes Alaskan Road Truckers

PlayWay announces a name change for Alaskan Truck Simulator, saying its new title is Alaskan Road Truckers. The news includes an Official Gameplay Overview Trailer featuring painful-looking wrist physics. This cargo transportation game was announced in 2018, sparking immediate backlash over perceptions of an attempt to capitalize on the success of Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator from SCS Software. Now, not even five years later, comes a name change. Interestingly, there's still no acknowledgment of a conflict: "The title of the game has changed to reflect the team’s ambitions to create a new, rich and deeper gameplay experience and not just a truck simulation game." This alibi is reflected in this announcement:
When you’re making a game everything needs to be as perfect as possible. Not only in how the game plays, its graphics and sound, but also the game’s name. Sometimes you have time to think - is the game’s name right for what you’re making?

After some long drives and many hours musing on this, we decided to go for a rename. So long, Alaskan Truck Simulator - we’re very proud to introduce you all to…

Alaskan Road Truckers!