Fig Going Offline After Republic Transition

Rock Paper Shotgun reports the Fig crowdfunding website is going offline today or tomorrow. It is still available right now, offering this update saying that Fig is now part of Republic, a different game "investment" site. Word is: "For current Fig shareholders, your portfolio of Fig holdings will not be changed, and you can expect that they will function the same as before. Since they will still be held under Fig Publishing Inc., no documentation or other paperwork is needed. Additionally, Fig backer orders and rewards will remain intact." This affects a couple of noteworthy projects, as there are updates for Psychonauts 2 and Homeworld 3 backers about how things are changing going forward. In each case, backers will receive all their entitlements. Here's more on the news:
Fig is joining Republic! What does that mean..? It means we’re expanding just about everything! More games. More investment. More funding. And the opportunity for greater returns. It means all of that, but most of all it means Fig will be in a better place to help independent developers deliver amazing award winning content that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

What this means for the Fig Community isn’t changing. You’ll continue to have access to your game library. We’re going to continue to bring you more awesome game campaigns. And now, with Republic’s help, we’ll be able to expose our campaigns to a much larger audience, and we’ll be able to bring you more amazing games.