Out of the Blue

A few years ago already, I mentioned my concern that our HOA rounds up the Canada geese every spring. It was unclear if they were culled or relocated, but I had my suspicions either outcome may not be allowed. My activism in this area was derailed at the time by my car accident, but I finally got back to my concerns this year. It turns out it doesn't matter if I acted then, now, or never, as it seems what they're doing is legal. According to New York State, with few natural predators, the goose population is about triple what would make an ideal ratio of birds to people, and overpopulation causes problems. So there are ways to get permits to kill them, and that's what we have here. I appreciate the problem, and I don't have a solution, but it makes me sad to know the fate that awaits these birds, especially when seeing how devoted they are to safely raising babies.

Cooked Goose Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.




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