Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Released

In Tanta We Trust is now available Steam, offering new DLC for the Windows edition of Forspoken. This should arrive today on the Epic Games Store for those who own the base game there, and it is also now out for PlayStation 5. This adds a companion to fight by your side but does not bring co-op support. An In Tanta We Trust Launch Trailer is here to introduce the add-on. Trust can be a rare commodity in the cruel land of Athia, so here's why you can place your faith in Tanta:
After bringing peace to Athia, Frey’s journey continues as she searches for a way to permanently rid the land from the effects of the Break. Amid her search, she follows a mysterious voice that leads her into the past.

When she emerges, Frey finds herself surrounded by chaos and destruction. Injured and draped in blood-soaked clothing, she discovers a grim truth about her fate. The recently thriving Athia is at war, but why and with whom? Accompanied by Tanta Cinta, and a new set of magic, Frey must uncover the answers and save Athia once more – and attempt to save herself.