ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Reunion of Memories Released

An announcement from Bandai Namco Entertainment reveals Reunion of Memories is now available for PC and consoles as an expansion for ONE PIECE ODYSSEY, an RPG following the adventures based on the anime series. It includes more than one piece of DLC for the Straw Hat Crew, as it's part of an Adventure Expansion Pack+100,000 Berries bundle on Steam that includes a bushel of spacebux. There's also a warning that the new content will not unlock until the main campaign is completed. The add-on is seen in a trailer featuring Japanese narration and English subtitles. Here's more:
In Reunion of Memories, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are trapped once again in Memoria, the world made from their memories. As players embark on this new journey, they will encounter familiar figures rooted in the series’ canon such as Mihawk, Perona, Eneru, and Whitebeard. In true ONE PIECE fashion, these characters will play their part in either helping or hindering the Straw Hat Pirates in their quest, this time to escape Memoria once and for all.

Reunion of Memories also introduces exciting new gameplay systems that dramatically alter the ONE PIECE ODYSSEY experience. These include Limited Order battles where encounters with stronger enemies and dangerous situations present the player with conditions that demand a more strategic approach. Another new addition is Captain’s Selections, where players can choose from the branching storyline and change the way they experience the game, making for a deeper level of immersion.