Diluvian Winds Early Access

Early Access to survival platformer Diluvian Winds is now underway on GOG.com* and Steam. Word is: "Often compared with Spiritfarer visually and inspired by great titles such as Reus, Basement and Fallout Shelter among others, Diluvian Winds takes place in a world in which nature has reclaimed its rights. Ensure the survival of the travelers each day while growing your hamlet on land and underwater." The Early Access Release Trailer supplies a look at the game in action. We're still not sure about the identity of the Eggman, but it turns out the walrus is you:
As the weather gets worse, a walrus, acting as a lighthouse keeper, welcomes the travelers looking for a place to sleep.
As the keeper, manage the travelers and fulfill their requests in the hope of withstanding the natural disasters, and grow your hamlet on land, under the sea or among the clouds.

The lighthouse helps guide the travelers and the wandering caravans. The keeper must tend to the fire, for if it were to fade, he would be cut off from the world.
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