Liberte Liberated from Early Access

Liberte (aka Liberté) has completed Early Access and is now officially available for Windows on,* Humble Store,* and Steam. This roguelite deckbuilder is quite revolutionary, as it's set in and around the French Revolution. But there's a sci-fi twist, as the insurgency is complicated by the involvement of an interdimensional invader. If that all seems too straightforward, never fear, it gets more complicated. Here's a Launch Trailer along with more:
Liberté is a deck-builder roguelite set in Paris during the times of the French Revolution. Brave the war-torn streets as Rene - a regular Parisian entangled in a massive intrigue between the four most influential factions in the city. Collect cards, nurture alliances and discover the truth behind the city’s cryptic invader from another dimension, Lady Bliss.

It’s the middle of a history-defining moment for 18th-century Paris. Without the king, with the crown missing, you wake up in a world ravaged by Lady Bliss - an otherworldly being that appeared out of nowhere during the coronation of Prince Phillip. Lady Bliss wants you to find her a worthy queen or king. Why, out of all the people in Paris, a grey citizen like Rene is destined to find the next ruler?
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