A Steam Listing reveals plans for HAWKEN REBORN, a return to the first-person mech shooter that shut down in 2017. Those interested won't have to wait long, as it carries a May 2023 Early Access release date. For now, here's the Reveal Trailer and the description:
Welcome to the world of Illal, a planet once thought to be humanity's future utopia, turned into a grim dystopia driven by corporate corruption and greed. Illicit terraforming poisoned the atmosphere and a terrible accident gave birth to the “Giga,” a nanite plague that ravaged half the planet.

Become a mercenary pilot, pitting your mech against the dangers of Illal, gaining fame, fortune, and resources to reach the truth behind its bodyguard of lies.

A New Way to Play
Experience a brand new Player vs Environment (PVE) experience in the Hawken Universe as you fight through the dystopic lands of Illal against warring factions, greedy corporations, and even more deadly adversaries.