Bum Simulator Leaves Early Access

Early Access to Bum Simulator has concluded, and this sandbox action game has officially launched for Windows on Steam (thanks JDreyer). This post from Ragged Games and PlayWay recaps the game's Early Access journey and outlines what's new in version 1.0. Early Access players can rest assured that saved games and earned achievements carry over. Here's the Full Release Trailer and more on the launch of this politically correct offering:
Bum Simulator is a sandbox game bursting with inappropriate humor and memorable characters. Apart from day-to-day survival, you can enjoy many unique features:

You can throw pigeons at people and watch as the panic ensues. Not fun enough? Upgrade your birds with explosives and let chaos reign. Still not satisfied? Wait until you see the fully upgraded pigeonado skill…

Mix alcohol with stuff you found on the ground to create powerful mixtures. Drink them (if you dare) to get a boost, or throw them at your enemies for a devastating effect.

Every bum needs a shopping cart of their own. Yours is named Carl and he’s your trusty mobile inventory. Also, he’s your best friend (no, really). You’ll learn to love him - we promise!