Varney Lake Released

Hey Vern! Chorus Worldwide announces the release of Varney Lake, a visual novel that melds a pulp fiction vampire story with throwback computer graphics. This sequel to Mothmen 1966 is available on Steam with support for Windows and macOS. The Game Launch Trailer shares a look, and there's a playable demo to sample. Here's more:
This second entry in the Pixel Pulps Anthology following paranormal investigator Lou Hill, Varney Lake finds him investigating the story of a supposed vampire encounter in 1954. Jimmy and Christine have murky memories of their childhood vacation where they claim to have met a vampire. Their friend Doug, who was with them, has long since gone missing. Lou Hill must follow the tracks of aged recollections to deduce macabre truths and discover Doug’s fate.

Get to the bottom of these mysteries by setting up camp and navigating the surrounding wilderness via choice-based gameplay seamlessly affecting a branching interactive fiction. Meet a neighboring vampire with a mysterious wound and carefully handle tense scenarios by solving accessible puzzles. Uncover the paranormal investigator’s veiled past in a dual-timeline story inspired by books with choices and branching narratives. Sink into a gripping tale of time and terror as the reality behind Doug’s disappearance comes to light.