Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Introduced

Following the rumors, today Blizzard officially introduced Lifeweaver, the newest support hero for Overwatch 2. Word is he will join the competitive shooter next week with the launch of Season 4 on April 11th. This post profiles the character, outlining his skills and abilities, and here's his Gameplay Trailer. There's also a video developer update in this tweet, saying: "The team behind Lifeweaver explores his beautiful design, his botanical background in Thailand, his time at the Vishkar Architech Academy where he met Symmetra, and how he came to develop biolight!" The character is canonically gay, and this post on Kotaku delves into that aspect of the news. Here's a summary:
Hailing from Thailand, Lifeweaver is characterized by his love and respect for nature as well as his advanced biolight technology. This groundbreaking technology is woven throughout his abilities, and it plays a pivotal role in the healing and utility aspects of his kit.

Lifeweaver has a unique playstyle that introduces a few new mechanics into the game, so let’s take a walk through his kit and how he was developed. His final look is the result of a culmination of many different teams, including various concept art, hero design, and narrative. One of these pieces features an older physician who drew healing energy into his hands and blasted it into his allies, a bit like Moira’s Coalescence.