ESA on Canceling E3

There's an interview on talking with ESA president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis about the news that E3 2023 has been cancelled. The conversation covers how the changing industry landscape over the years has affected the show and what led to this point. Discussing why this year's show was cancelled leads to this assessment: "First, several companies have reported that the timeline for game development has been altered since the start of the COVID pandemic. Second, economic headwinds have caused several companies to reassess how they invest in large marketing events. And third, companies are starting to experiment with how to find the right balance between in-person events and digital marketing opportunities." Pierre-Louis says the E3 does not economically impact the ESA's industry advocacy, which will continue as before. Whether or not E3 will return in some form in the future is less definitive. Several questions touch on this, but none generate a definitive answer. Here's word for now on E3 2024:
We're committed to providing an industry platform for marketing and convening but we want to make sure we find that right balance that meets the needs of the industry. We're certainly going to be listening and ensuring whatever we want to offer meets those needs and at that time, we will have more news to share.